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Ref.: CR220005

refractory brick 22

Bricks made with refractory clays with a percentage of alumina of 33% approx. that give it a thermal resistance of up to 1400ºC.

IIt is mainly used for prefabricated elements of fireplaces, barbecues, paella pans, ovens and any construction element of these.


Brick dimensions for length, width and thickness may vary ±2% after firing. It is advisable to mix bricks from different production pallets.

– Size: 11×22 cm
– Thickness: 5 cm

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FORMAT 22 CR | Width: 22 cm | Long: 11 cm – 5 cm-| Cranes: 3 cm – 4 cm – 5 cm | Alumina: 33 % approx.
Thermal Resistance: 1400 ºC Applications: Pipes, barbacues, paelleros, windows, decoration…