Formats and Accessories

Bricks made of refractory clays with an alumina content of approx. 33%, giving them a thermal resistance of up to 1400°C..

It is mainly used for the manufacture of fireplaces, barbecues, paelleros, ovens, boilers… but its rustic appearance and its perfect solid finish gives it a unique and ideal appearance for both rustic and modern house facades.

Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks Round Corners

Special Sizes

FORMAT 22 | Length: 22 cm | Width: 11 cm – 5 cm | Thick: 2 cm – 3 cm – 4 cm – 5 cm – 6 cm | Alumina: 33 % aprox.
Thermal resistance: 1400 ºC | Applications: Fireplaces, barbecues, paelleros, boilers, ovens, façades, decoration…