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Ref.: LRCURV55

Product made from refractory earth and chamotte, which gives it a thermal resistance of 1250 ºC..


It is a clay that mixed with other products such as cement and plaster, is used for masonry work that will be subjected to high temperatures such as barbecues and paella pans, wood ovens, fireplaces, cookers and repair of boilers or fire areas. It is also used in pyrotechnics and as an insulator.


The substrates must be resistant, rough and clean. In the case of very adherent or porous substrates, it is advisable to dampen them to ensure good adhesion. Do not apply on plaster or painted surfaces.


Mix with water and other products, knead preferably using an electric mixer at low revolutions, until a homogeneous, lump-free dough is obtained. This product does not set by itself at temperatures below 1000 ºC.


• Paper sack of 25 Kg.
• Shrink-wrapped pallets of 600 Kg. (24 sacks)
• Shrink-wrapped pallets of 1200 Kg. (48 sacks)

NOTE: The instructions for use are based on our tests under normal laboratory conditions. Since the conditions of application are not controllable by us, the information does not imply any liability on the part of the company.

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REFRACTORY TILE | Long: 33 cm | Width: 33 cm | Thick: 2,5 cm – 4 cm