Refractory Brick-round Corner format 22

Bricks made with refractory clays with a percentage of alumina of 33 % aprox. that award a thermal resistance of until 1400 ºC.

This special piece, with a round corner, it is used for making the curb of the chimneys and barbecues mainly. Moreover, it can be used for windows and stairs decoration.

Refractory Brick-Round Corner 5x11x22

Ref.: CR220005

Refractory Brick-Rond Corner 4x11x22

Ref.: CR220004

Refractory Brick-Round Corner 3x11x22

Ref.: CR220003

FORMAT 22 RC | Length: 22 cm | Width: 11 cm – 5 cm | Thick: 3 cm - 4 cm - 5 cm | Alumina: 33% aprox.
Thermal resistance: 1400 degree Celsius | Applications: Chimneys, grills, barbecues, windows, decoration…