Refractory bricks Format 22

The firebricks are made with refractory clay composed of approximately 33% alumina with a thermal resistance of 1400 degrees Celsius.

It is mainly used for the manufacture of chimneys, grills, barbecues, ovens and boilers. It is also a common product in the construction of façades because of their thermal insulation properties and decorative appearance, which lends itself to direct fire.

Refractory bricks

Refractory Brick 5x11x22

Ref.: LR220005

Refractory Brick 4x11x22

Ref.: LR220004

Refractory Brick 3x11x22

Ref.: LR220003

Refractory Brick 2x11x22

Ref.: LR220002

Refractory brick-round corner format 22

Refractory Brick-Round Corner 5x11x22

Ref.: CR220005

Refractory Brick-Rond Corner 4x11x22

Ref.: CR220004

Refractory Brick-Round Corner 3x11x22

Ref.: CR220003

Special Pieces

Taco refractario corcaroli formato 22

Refractory Brick 5x5x22

Ref.: TR220005

Refractory Brick 3x5x22

Ref.: PR220005

Refractory Brick 3x4x22

Ref.: PR220004

Taco refractario especial barbacoas

Special brick barbecues 5x5x22

Ref.: TR22R005 - TR22RT05

FORMAT 22 | Length: 22 cm | Width: 11 cm – 5 cm | Thick: 2 cm - 3 cm - 4 cm - 5 cm - 6 cm | Alumina: 33% aprox.
Thermal resistance: 1400 degree Celsius | Applications: Chimneys, grills, barbecues, ovens, boiler, decoration…