Refractory bricks Format 20

The firebricks are made with refractory clay composed of approximately 33% alumina with a thermal resistance of 1400 degrees Celsius.

It is mainly used for the manufacture of chimneys, grills, barbecues, ovens and boilers. It is also a common product in the construction of façades because of their thermal insulation properties and decorative appearance, which lends itself to direct fire.

Refractory bricks

Ladrillo refractario formato 20

Refractory brick 5x10x20

Ref.: LR200005

Ladrillo refractario formato 20

Refractory brick 2,5x10x20

Ref.: LR200025

Special Pieces

Taco refractario formato 20 Corcaroli

Refractory brick 5x5x20

Ref.: TR200005

Plaqueta refractaria formato 20

Refractory brick 2,5x5x20

Ref.: PR200025

FORMAT 20 | Length: 20 cm | Width: 10 cm – 5 cm | Thick: 2,5 cm - 5 cm | Alumina: 33% aprox.
Thermal resistance: 1400 degree Celsius | Applications: Chimneys, grills, ovens, boiler, decoration…